Roblox - Fix No Sound & Audio Problems on Windows 11


Roblox Sound Settings

Launch a Roblox game and navigate to your in-game settings. Make sure to set the Volume to at least 50%.

Windows Sound Settings

After making changes to your Roblox settings, you should close the game and search for Sound in your start menu search to open your Sound Settings window.

On this window, make sure to set the output and input device to your main device. Below, in your Advanced Sound settings, click on Troubleshoot common sound problems for Output devices. A new window will open up, where you will have to scan your audio devices for common problems and can in a lot of cases help you figure out where your audio issues are coming from.

Volume Mixer

Under Volume mixer, you should make sure that the Roblox application is not muted by your operating system.

Sound Control Panel

Back in your Advanced sound settings, click on More sound settings. Your Sound Control Panel will open up. Make sure that only your preferred input and output device is enabled. Double-click your Recording device and in the Advanced tab, set the Default Format to 44’100 Hz, or 48’000 Hz, depending on what’s available to you.

Make sure to enable the two Exclusive Mode options, which will allow Roblox to change your input volume for example.

Device Manager

After tweaking your settings, you can close this window and search for Device Manager in your start menu and hit enter. Expand Audio inputs and outputs. Right-click the output sound device you prefer to use, select Update Driver; and make sure to Search automatically for drivers. This will take a minute to make sure that your device’s driver is up to date.

Reinstall Roblox

In case the issue persists, then your game files might be corrupted. Make sure to open up your Control Panel. Make sure to View by: Category, and under Programs select Uninstall a program.

In this list, select any application and start typing Roblox to find your Roblox Player application. Right-click the app and select Uninstall. This will take a few seconds to uninstall Roblox, and the next time you select to play a Roblox game, your browser will ask you to redownload and reinstall the Roblox Player app to your system.

In case you still have audio issues, then your hardware might be faulty. Ensure yourself that your input and output device is working fine with other applications on your system.


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