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We offer custom campaigns and a variety of advertising opportunities, including banners, widgets, guest posting, in-content ads, sponsored posts and reviews. We strictly follow FTC guidelines and Google best practices for advertising.

In 2022, Tech How celebrates its 7th year creating content around software, gaming and hardware - a truly unique market where our audience is thankful for high quality solutions and information.

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YouTube Video

Don’t just say it - show it. This is what YouTube allows brands to do. On YouTube, Tech How will reach customers where they’re watching and connect with an interested audience at scale during a time that online video is growing exponentially.

300M+ Social Impressions

12% Impressions CTR

68M+ Video Views

1M+ Watch Time Hours

Tech How offers audio visual solutions on YouTube. With 2+ million viewers per month and 60 thousand subscribers we feel confident in delivering a high quality video for commercial use. Contact us for more information.

  • Advertising Rates

    Our rates are flexible and competitive. At this stage, we do not have a self-serve system, so please fill out the form below for any inquiries.

    As a general rule, the fees for contextual ads are the lowest, and the fees for non-contextual images ads are the highest. For sponsored posts, rates are flexible based on article length. Volume discounts may also be applied.

  • Sponsored Post

    Place your branded content on the pages of a credible software and technology publisher.

    Sponsored posts include:

    Creative control over content posted

    Potential SEO benefits

    Option to drive relevant audiences to sponsored post

  • SEO Optimized

    We will create custom content around your brand, products and value. Content is unique and SEO optimized to capture in-market and high quality users. Written in-house using SEO best practices.

    Evergreen high impact content

    SEO Best practices

    SEO Optimized headlines






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