Discord Not Installing Problem Fix


Task Manager

First of all open up your Task Manager by searching for it in your start menu search.

On this window, in the Processes tab, make sure to end all Discord processes from running. This could be the installer or the actual application.


When this is done, you can close your Task Manager and search for %AppData%. After hitting enter, a new folder will open up.

Make sure that you are in the AppData, and then Roaming section of this folder. You should then proceed to delete the existing Discord folder.

Next, navigate back to AppData, and then Local. Here you will find another Discord folder which you will have to delete.

Reinstall Discord

After deleting the Discord cache folders, open up your native settings application. In the Apps tab, select Apps & features.

Under App List, search for Discord. In case there is a Discord install on your system, then it will show up here. Click on the burger menu on the right hand side and select Uninstall.

When navigating to Discord.com you will be able to redownload the installer, which should only take a few seconds to complete until you can use Discord on your system again. You should also exclude Discord from being detected from your anti-virus application and you need admin permissions to properly install Discord on your system.


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