How To Fix “Call Failed” Error - iPhone Keeps Dropping Calls



Restart iPhone

First, simply try restarting your iPhone. This can in a lot of cases fix problems related to outgoing calls on your device.

Enable Mobile Data

In case the problem persists, open up your settings application. Here, select Mobile Data and make sure that mobile data is enabled for your primary SIM card.

Disable Communication Limits

Next, communication restrictions might prevent you from making a call. Back in your settings, select Screen Time. Here, select Communication Limits. After entering your passcode, make sure that communication is allowed to everyone during screen time and during downtime.

Set Date & Time Automatically

If this doesn’t help, then navigate to your General settings. Here, tap on Date & Time. Make sure that the Set Automatically option is enabled.

Unblock Contact

If you feel like the person you’re trying to call could be blocked, then you won’t be able to call them. In your main settings, tap on Phone. Under Blocked Contacts, unblock the number you’re trying to call.

Poor Signal & SIM Card Problem

In some circumstances, your signal might be poor or there could be a problem with your SIM card. Take out the SIM card and put it back into your device. While doing so, your iPhone should reconnect which can fix the “call failed” alert you are getting.

Reset Network Settings

Lastly, in case nothing helped you out, then you will have to reset your network settings. In your general settings, scroll down and select Transfer or Reset iPhone. Here, tap on Reset and then on Reset Network Settings.

It will take a moment for your device to restart and you should then be able to call someone without getting the “call failed” error.


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